August 17-19, 2018
Schloßpark Ahlsdorf Estate
Schönewalde, Brandenburg Germany


Dear friends of the hunting tradition, nature- and culture-enthusiasts

On August 17- 19 2018 an International Hunting Horn Festival will be held for the second time in Ahlsdorf Germany, together with a total hunting-, nature- and cultural-experience.

For the first time a European Championship hunting horn competition will be organized on German soil, as a logical follow-up of the very successful International Meet in 2015 on the same Estate which drew more than 3000 visitors.

The competition is open to various hunting horn groups, duo and solo participants.

In addition, it is possible to perform outside the competition on one of many stages, be it horn playing, singing or any other performance related to our themes.

We will have various singing groups amongst which the Dutch Airforce Men’s Choir.

You are warmly invited to participate.

We have the intention to pay special attention to the young generation, they will eventually have to embrace traditions and then pass it on again. Hunting is gaining in popularity and hopefully we can help in general to become acquainted with the rich traditions around it.

We would highly appreciate a broad participation of all varieties of European (hunting-) traditions. Feel free to contact us through the guestbook page or by email.

There is a comprehensive program planned for hunting-, nature- and cultural displays.

Agriculture, forestry and viniculture, hunting dogs, falconer, fishing, beekeeping but also many old crafts will be shown during the weekend.

We would like to welcome commercial parties as well as related organizations to present themselves at Ahlsdorf Estate.

A bound brochure will be issued in connection with this international event. It enables your company or your association to present itself as participant or supporter in a style full way.

If interested, please contact : Elbe-Elster-Anzeiger GbR, Annaburger Strasse 2, 06917 Jessen.

Phone +49 35 37/26 40 23 or

Of course you may always contact us directly as well.

Hope to see you in Ahlsdorf , greeting you politely with Waidmannsheil and Horrido!

Maik Pergens

Initiator and organizer;